House Chips n’ Dip $5

Onion Dip. House Fried. Caramelized Onion Dip.

Garlic Bread $10

Pull apart bread with Marinara.

Chicken Wings $13

Half Dozen Jumbo Whole Wings. Flavors: wing Dust, Sweet n’ Tangy.

Cannoli $2

Marscapone Ricotta Cannoli. Seasonal Flavors.


All of our noodles and sauces are made in-house and change seasonally.

Rigatoni Bolognese

Housemade Rigatoni. Pork Bolognese Sauce. Parmesan.

Pasta of the month

House-made noodles and seasonally changing sauces.

Weekend special

Rotating weekly

*Add Lemon Ricotta for $1. Marinara always available.

Cheese Pie

Red Sauce, Four Cheeses

White Pie

Garlic Cream. Roasted Tomato. Ricotta. Lemon Arugula. Caramelized Onion. 

Red Top Pie

Red Sauce. Pepperoni. Garlic Oil.

Spicy Pie

Red Sauce. Spicy Soppressata. Pepperoni. Banana Pepper. Mike’s Hot Honey.

Forager Pie

Garlic Cream. Roasted Mushrooms. Ricotta Cheese. Local Honey.

Classic Pie

Red Sauce. Cherry Tomatoes. Mozzarella. Torn Basil.

Two Sauce Pie

1/2 Red Sauce. 1/2 White Sauce.House Sausage over the whole pie.

Humble Pie (VEGAN)

*No Cheese* Red Sauce. Almond Spread. Tomatoes. Roasted Mushrooms. Lemon Arugula.

Yinzer Pie

Red Sauce. Pepperoni. Mushrooms. Garlic Oil.

Cubano Pie

Honey Mustard. Smoked Pork. Rosemary Ham. Dill Pickle. Swiss.

Commonplace Coffee Pie

Coffee BBQ Sauce. Smoked Pork. Bourbon Jalapeño. Red Onion.

Buffalo Chicken Pie

Buffalo Sauce. Roasted Chicken. Ranch. Ricotta. Cheddar.

Nashville Hot Chicken Pie

Nashville Sauce. Roasted Chicken. House Pickles. Cheddar. Ricotta.


Lambrusco $10

Red Wine. Lightly Bubbly. Lightly Sweet. A nice pairing with Pizza, Pasta, or both.

Aperol Spritz $12

Strawberry-infused Aperol. Prosecco. Soda. Citrus.

Coca-Cola & Boylan’s pop bottles $2

*Ask to see our local draft beer list


During COVID we ask all guests to wear a mask while standing from their seat.
Please limit 1.5 hours per table. Limited capacity makes it hard to accommodate everyone.